Why the Variety of Pricing Between Blind and Drapery Cleaners?

Blind and Drapery cleaning

It’s no secret that some cleaning companies do not use legal workers, actual certified cleaning technicians on the job or the best lines of chemicals or equipment. Our business maintains and supports a team of certified professional cleaners who enjoy servicing the needs of discerning clients. Some of our competitors have cheaper rates. Others charge far more than is warranted by the quality of service they provide. We are not a “dunk and run” ultrasonic blind cleaner, nor are we a drapery take down and re-hang service up-selling the work of a local dry cleaner. We field a team of experienced professionals whose mission is to give you the very best personalized professional service possible.

Do I Have to Bring the Blinds to You?

We pick up Blinds

No, we offer a convenient pick-up service or (our most popular) full service option. Dropping off blinds at the shop is great for those who have time and are comfortable taking the blinds down (without breaking brackets or risking damage etc.). We DO NOT recommend you bring in Luminettes® or other such products to us unless you have the tubes to put them on and are willing to accept all liability for damage caused to the fabric or treatment should it be mishandled outside our control. Saving a few dollars in some situations definitely isn’t worth it! We also carry many common brackets and parts to replace broken clips etc.

How Long are the Blinds Going to be Down?

Blind Cleaning

Magiclean Kilroy provides same day service by trained, competent and friendly technicians who come into your home to remove your blinds. Your blinds are taken to our shop to be cleaned, dried and repairs are also completed at your request. They are then returned to you that same afternoon and re-installed for your convenience.

Step 1: PICK UP

Blinds are removed and transported back to our shop for professional cleaning. Kilroy does not clean blinds in the back of a truck parked on the street.


Blinds are pre-treated with emphasis on removing built-up dirt and grease.

Step 3: CLEAN & DRY

Blinds are cleaned and rinsed in solution to prevent spotting. Blinds are then fan-dried..

Step 4: RETURN

Blinds are returned and re-hung the SAME DAY. Other cleaning pick ups and delivery services are available.

How do you Clean Venetian Blinds?

Venetian Blinds Venetian blinds can be difficult to clean. The materials range from metal or plastic, to more modern wooden versions. They all attract dust and require regular dusting and cleaning. There are two light cleaning methods, and one deep cleaning method for those more difficult to clean build ups.

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Why Should I Have my Blinds Cleaned?

Cleaning your blinds removes dirt, grease, food, smoke, hairspray, pollen, mold, allergens, and insects. Left unattended, these substances can compromise the health and appeal of your blinds. Over time soiled spots become stains and finishes lose their appeal under the accumulated grime. Those who have allergies or asthma will find that removing the pollen, mold and allergens that accumulate on the window treatments (and fly off into the air every time they are moved) will improve the indoor air quality.