Your carpets will be your third greatest investment (next to your home and vehicle). So should you protect that investment? Professionals recommend cleaning your carpets and upholstery at least once every 12 months for your health and the longevity of your investment.

Regular professional cleaning using a certified firm is as important to your carpet as having a trained mechanic perform routine tune-ups on your car. While your carpet may appear clean on the surface, periodic cleaning by a certified technician can remove what you can't see and help your carpet retain its fresh, beautiful appearance.

Clean Carpets

Step 1:

Light furniture is moved and carpet is pre-sprayed with an emulsifier to loosen and dissolve embedded contaminants.

Step 1A:

Magiclean Kilroy's technicians are IICRC trained (Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification). Our technicians use state of the art truck mounted hot water extraction equipment. No shampoo used.

Step 2:

Carpets are cleaned thoroughly, not just on a surface clean. The carpets are naturally deodorized and ph balanced as part of the cleaning process.

Cleaning Process:

Hot pressurized rinsing solution is injected into the carpet, loosening and lifting embedded contaminates. Powerful truck mounted vacuum simultaneously removes and flushes contaminants and solution to the truck.


If required, carpets are groomed and lighter furniture placed back onto protective pads. Carpets are usually dry enough to walk on in about 3 - 6 hours.


Magiclean Kilroy's technicians can also provide upholstery cleaning and professional stain removal. Teflon anti-stain treatment is available; as well as, moving and placement of heavier and special furniture back on protective pads.

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