How Long are the Blinds Going to be Down?

Magiclean Kilroy provides same day service by trained, competent and friendly technicians who come into your home to remove your blinds. Your blinds are taken to our shop to be cleaned, dried and repairs are also completed at your request. They are then returned to you that same afternoon and re-installed for your convenience.

Step 1: PICK UP

Blinds are removed and transported back to our shop for professional cleaning. Kilroy does not clean blinds in the back of a truck parked on the street.


Blinds are pre-treated with emphasis on removing built-up dirt and grease.

Step 3: CLEAN & DRY

Blinds are cleaned and rinsed in solution to prevent spotting. Blinds are then fan-dried..

Step 4: RETURN

Blinds are returned and re-hung the SAME DAY. Other cleaning pick ups and delivery services are available.

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